Coaching deals with your topics and builds on your resources. As a coach, I support you with my questions in figuring out and solving your problem. This can be in the areas of dating, work or life management. You give the answers, and along these you can get insights that will help you make the right decision and achieve your goal.

In coaching, we move towards solving your issues in a focused and purposeful way – I help you with this, but your commitment is essential for success.


In the first session we get to know each other, you tell us about your problem, what you want to deal with during coaching. Here, we prepare the ground for working together if mutual sympathy and trust is developed. On the following occasions we already focus on your topic, I support you with helpful questions, observations and reflections.

In general, the coaching process takes about 8-10 sessions (one session is 1 hour). It takes this amount of time for exploratory, self-knowledge, and problem-solving work to produce lasting results.

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Are you shy when dating? 

Maybe you feel like you’re already burned out? Don’t you dare open up to a new relationship? During the counseling, we discuss the issues that concern you.

Here, in addition to observations, there is room for sharing experience and knowledge, and for specific advice. We can even review your dating profile step by step. I specialize in dating, relationships and life management.


Counseling can be a one-on-one session or a longer collaboration, depending on the depth of the topics you bring. The duration of a session is 1 hour, which can be a personal or online consultation. As a counselor, I support you to the best of my ability in solving your private / relationship problem.


One coaching or consultation session costs 10.000 HUF (1 hour).

They say you go to a coach for good questions, to a counselor for good answers. In our meetings, we work in a way that suits your preference. I look forward to seeing you!