I help to bring out your confident and open self to allow you having meaningful dating experiences.

I give you perspective to live in a conscious, balanced relationship.

Together, we’ll look at how you can get over your barriers to be your best self.

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Are you exhausted from the soul-killing system of dating sites? Do you feel unfamiliar with dating? There is hope! And opportunities, not too few. The most important thing is to train your self-knowledge and self-confidence to have a quality dating experience. During dating coaching we map out your real needs, you will learn to meet and date well with confidence. I support you through the bumpy path of matchmaking, whether it’s recognizing and managing your fixed patterns or tuning your Tinder profile. Dating is for everyone!

Are there bumps in your relationship sometimes and it happens that you are unsure of what you should do? As a coach, I accept your situation with understanding, listen actively to your problem and flash different perspectives if you need it. I will help you better understand yourself and your circumstances so that you can make self-identical decisions.

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I'm Márti Dancs, dating and relationship coach, trainer, blogger.

You may have come across my articles on Glamor and Stylemagazin.

With a number of dates, a cheerful dating blog and even more dating experience behind me, I’m on hand to help you if you’ve lost confidence in dating or you are stuck in bad dating.

You can also contact me with relationship topics if you need an empathic conversation, impartial external observation or specific advice.


Coaching with Márti was like removing that particular eye protection from a person’s eyes. Already after our first meeting, I started to feel the positive effect and I felt like I could see the world through another pair of glasses. Whether it’s work, personal or relationship issues, Márti with her coaching and individuality completely smoothes out these tangled threads. If I had to describe in a word the impact of her work on me, rebirth would be the most corresponding one. Thank you for being there for me!
Eszti, 22
I contacted Márti with a relationship issue. Since she is a very open, cheerful, positive personality, I didn’t have a hard time opening up to her. Our consultations were nicely built on each other, unnoticed leading to solutions with thought-provoking questions. Each time I was given homework that resulted in further insights into my life. She also helped me a lot in strengthening my self-confidence with her helpful advice, which I thank her again.
Kriszta, 41